Why invest in a pizza vending machine?

By Alain Toure, Mechanical Engineer & Product Manager at STABLE AUTO.

Why invest in a pizza vending machine?


Since the appearance of pizza vending machines years ago, it is clear that these machines are a big help in giving pizza consumers quick access to pizza at every street corner. As the consumption of pizza is becoming more and more popular around the world, some food and beverage owners are starting to invest in this business and witness big profits. However, many people still have doubts about pizza vending machines. How does a pizza vending machine work? Is it a good investment?

How does a pizza vending machine work?

At Stable Auto, we have 2 different types of pizza vending machines which are the S-VM01-PB-01 and the S-VM02-PM-01. These two types of pizza vending machines are designed and manufactured in our factory and work differently.

Once a customer orders through the interface, the pizza dough is sent to the applicators of sauce, cheese, vegetables, meats, and finally to the oven. After 2-3 minutes of baking, the pizza is packaged and served to the customer through the delivery slot.

In this case, the pizza is fresh or refrigerated, already prepared, and placed in a box. Once the customer has ordered via the interface, the robot hand transports the pizza to the oven and after 1-2 minutes of baking, it is placed back in the box and served to the customer.

Is it a good investment?

Purchasing a pizza vending machine will be an effective investment, we give you 4 good reasons:

1- Accessibility

Pizza vending machines are accessible 24/7, unlike pizzerias that have to close due to working hours.
It is therefore possible to earn money at any time as long as you keep feeding the machines with the necessary resources.

2- Profitability

Pizza vending machines allow you to earn significant profits on your investment. First, it is a business that requires fewer employees, so it saves you money. Once the pizza vending machine is installed, you can earn up to 16,200 US dollars gross per month, considering that the price of a pizza is fixed at 9 US dollars with a storage capacity of more than 60 pizzas.

3- Payment system

Given the digitalization of payment methods, pizza vending machines offer a popular variety of payment methods such as MasterCard, VisaCard, Apple pay, NFC, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, and Alipay...
Digital payment methods can also be incorporated according to your country as part of customization.
Although we promote the use of contactless payment methods for more security, it is important to note that we also integrate coin and bill acceptors.

4- Business location

Pizza vending machines can be placed in all popular street locations as long as you have an electrical outlet available for connection. The most suitable places are parks, hotels, playgrounds, bars, universities, and malls. It is therefore imperative to find a good location before starting this business.

Finally, it is evident that a pizza vending machine is a great source of income. In addition, the consumption of pizza in the world is increasing over the years, people love more and more pizzas of which there are several styles and tastes.
Our pizza vending machines have the ability to:
- keep fresh, bake, and serve the customer in a short time for the S-VM02-PM-01
- to receive the pizza dough, top it with the necessary resources (sauce, cheese, vegetables, meat, etc.), bake it, and then serve it to the customer in a short time for the S-VM01-PB-01.



Post time: Dec-16-2022