Pizza Street Vending Machine S-vm02-pm-01

Short Description:

The street pizza vending machine S-VM02-PM-01 is a provider of fresh and crispy pizza in less than 3 minutes. it supports 8-12 inch pizzas. The pizza is pre-made fresh or refrigerated, placed in a box, then stored in the pizza stock in the machine.

Product Detail

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Technical Characteristics



Working capacity

1 pc / 3 mins

Stored pizza

50 -60 pcs (customizable)

Pizza size

8-12 inches

Thickness range

2 – 15 mm

Baking time

1-2 mins

Baking temperature

350 – 400 °C

Refrigerator temperature

1 – 5 °C

Refrigerator system


Equipment assembly size

1800 mm*1100 mm*2150 mm


580 Kg

Electrical power rate

5 kW/220 V/50-60Hz single phase




Touch screen Tab

Product Description

Once the customer has ordered via the interface, the robot hand transports the pizza to the oven and after 1-2 minutes of baking, it is placed back in the box and served to the customer. It works 24H/7 and can be installed in all public places. Easy to use, and space-saving, it supports a variety of international payment standards. Customizable, our team of engineers will help you to make customization according to your requirements.

Features Overview:

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