Pizza & Beverage Vending Machine S-VM01-PB-01

Short Description:

The Pizza Auto Multi-Services S-VM01-PB-01 is a vending machine providing delicious hot pizza, beverages, and snacks in public places such as malls, universities, parks, etc. 

Product Detail

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Technical Characteristics



Working capacity

5 pcs / 10 mins

Stored pizza

50 -100 pcs (customizable)

Pizza size

6 – 15 inches 

Thickness range

2 – 15 mm

Baking time

2-3 mins

Baking temperature

350 – 400 °C

Refrigerator temperature

1 – 5 °C

Refrigerator system


Equipment assembly size

3000 mm*2000 mm*2000 mm

Beverage dispenser size

1000 mm*600 mm*400 mm

Electrical power rate

6.5 kW/220 V/50-60Hz single phase


755 Kg




Touch screen Tab

Product Description

With its ability to handle various sizes of refrigerated pizza without ingredients, the pizza-making process starts from the dispenser stage to the packaging. The vending machine includes the fluid dispensers, the vegetable dispensers, meat slicers, an electric oven, and a packaging device. 

Features Overview:

Pizza Dispenser 

• The fluid dispenser is composed of tomato sauce, fish puree, Oreo paste, and Kinder Bueno paste mounted on a single device and distributed by compressed air pump.

• The vegetable dispensers have a simple structure consisting mainly of a conveying screw and a storage tank mounted on a rotary table. According to the customer's choice, the cylindrical tray can rotate and distribute the vegetables uniformly while moving horizontally.

• The meat slicer unit has a solid and precise structure that can handle up to 4 types of meat on one station. It is adjustable according to the dimensions of your meats and can also be customized according to your requirements.

• The oven used is an electric oven conveyor with a baking temperature between 350 - 400 for 3 minutes.

• It is designed to cook several types of pizza and has a maximum cooking capacity of five pizzas in seven minutes.

Beverage Dispenser
The beverage and snack dispenser is mounted on the outside of the box and has a capacity of 100-150 pieces. Our design team can customize the dispenser according to your requirements.

The Pizza Auto Multi-Services is controlled by 22-inch touch screen with face recognition function. Its corrosion-resistant structure is made of thick steel, with better dust and water resistance. It is more energy efficient and easy to use. The machine can work 24/7 and supports a variety of international payment standards. It can be customized by our engineers for you according to your requirements for the development of your business.

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