Donut Maker Machine S-DMM-01

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Nowadays, doughnuts are very popular in all bakeries and fast food restaurants. There is a wide variety of doughnuts which are mainly eaten as dessert or breakfast. 

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Technical Characteristics



Hopper Capacity

7 L

Oil Tank Inner Dimensions

815 mm*175 mm*100 mm

Oil Tank Outer Dimensions

815 mm*205 mm*125 mm

Product Dimensions

1050 mm*400 mm*650mm

Net Weight

28 Kg

Product Description

The S-DMM-01 doughnut maker is made entirely of food-grade stainless steel. Its fully automated design is ideal for doughnut production due to its high efficiency and precision. It is versatile by integrating the steps of forming, draining, frying, flipping, and off-loading the doughnuts in one operation, which saves you a lot of time and energy. It can produce delicious golden and crispy doughnuts, and you may put peanuts, sesame or nuts on the surface of the cookie during molding. Ideal for use in the restaurant industry and at home.

Features Overview:

• Premium Quality: The whole automatic donut making machine is made of food-grade high-quality 304 stainless steel, with the advantages of clean, sanitation, easy operation and power-saving.

• Intelligent Control: The oil temperature and frying time can be easily controlled by an intelligent control panel. With indicators for clearer observation of the working status.

• Large Capacity: - The large hopper can hold 7L material for effective donut forming; The inner oil tank is 32.1"x6.9"x3.9" (815x175x100mm) (15L) in dimensions; The conveyor is 32.1"x8.1"x4.9" (815x205x125 mm) in dimensions.

• Multifunction: This commercial donut making machine integrates donut forming, dripping, frying, turning, and outputting into one, fully automatic, largely saving your time and energy.

• 3 Size available: Three different donut molds are included (25 mm/35 mm/45 mm), able to produce 1100pcs 30-50 mm donuts per hour, 950pcs 55-90 mm donuts per hour, or 850pcs 70-120 mm donuts per hour.

• Extra Accessories: Various accessories are provided, including two food clips for clamping donuts, two 2000mL (70 OZ) measuring cylinders for weighing the batter, and two food trays for storing fried donuts.

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