Electric Meat Slicer S-MS-01

Short Description:

The meat slicer S-MS-01 can slice frozen and deli meat, ham, bacon, fish, cheese, bread, and other items.

Product Detail

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Technical Characteristics




530 mm*480 mm*650 mm


30 Kg/h

Input rated/Locked power

550 W/370 W


110 V/60 Hz, 220V/50 Hz

Blade diameter

300 mm

Adjustable thickness

1 – 16 mm

Max. cut width

160 mm


46 Kg

Product Description

Its body is constructed of aluminum, while its blade is made of stainless steel. This model has a gorgeous design that is simple to use, safe, and long-lasting. It is appropriate for any hotel, restaurant, catering establishment, food processing establishment, or household. Using materials that fulfill all food grade regulations, are ecologically safe and non-toxic, and have a lovely and functional design. It is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to freely adjust the meat thickness. Moreover two pure copper motors for easy operation.

Features Overview:

• German style design, aluminum alloy body, anodized, durable.

• Adjustable thickness, adjust freely.

• Two-way multi-groove cutting surface is designed for the guard plate and the meat-proof plate, cutting meat more easily.

• Double pure copper motor, imported from abroad.

• Simple operation, easy to use.

• Compact meat slicer design.

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