Pizza Production Line Equipment

Short Description:

We supply equipment for frozen pizza production plants. These types of equipment are fully automated and take into account the stage of pizza dough formation up to packaging.

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Technical Characteristics

Production capacity

1000 – 5000pcs/h

Pizza size

6 – 15 inches

Belt width

420 – 1300 mm

Thickness range

2 – 15 mm

Proofing time

10 – 20 mins

Baking time

3 mins

Baking temperature

350 – 400 °C

Cooling time

25 mins

Equipment assembly size

9000 mm*1000 mm*1500 mm

Product Description

We offer you standard solutions of production equipment consisting of pizza dough mixing and pressing machines; ingredient dispensers (to be customized according to your needs); meat slicing machines; oven tunnel; spiral cooler conveyor; and packaging device.

Features Overview:

Dough Mixer
Pizza dough formation begins with the mixer, which is the starting point for any pizza line process. Our mixers include everything from roller machines that handle a variety of batches to permanent mixing solutions.

Dough Divider
Our dough division device can produce dough pieces of various sizes and shapes. The unit is made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and synthetic materials, and the dividing mechanism is wear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting quality. To handle the soft and delicate dough, a dough pressure regulator is offered.

Dough Sheeting
Dough sheeting equipment offers great versatility, allowing you to operate a wide range of dough sheets on the same line, as well as highly effective control over the production process, ensuring that the intended results are always achieved.

Dough Proofer
We provide a continuous sheet proofer to produce pizzas, tortillas, pastries and other fine style products. To minimize floor space, the proofing machine can be placed on top of other processing equipment, and all conveyors remain on line to avoid condensation. We can provide you with a wide range of proofing machines depending on your needs and, in particular, the space available in your plant.

Dough Press
As pizza pressing is an important method of pizza production lines, we have a wide range of pizza presses. Our pizza presses use less heat and pressure than other equipment and offer high throughput with minimal downtime.

Meat Slicing Unit
The meat slicing unit has a continuous slicing system and can slice up to 10 bars of meat at the same time. It is mounted with conveyors that ensure uniform distribution of meat slices on the pizzas with a minimum of waste. It is also possible to adjust the meat holding device according to the size and shape of the meat.

Waterfall Depositor
The waterfall roller depositors, as well as a recovery and recirculation system, ensure reliable depositing and uniform distribution of the ingredients over the whole pizza base, with low waste, while processing American-style pizzas.

Oven Conveyor
The oven is an essential part of the pizza production line. We offer electric and gas oven conveyors. The cooking time is adjustable as well as the temperature.

Spiral Cooler and Freezer
Spiral coolers and freezers remove heat quickly and offer equal cooling/freezing over the belt. Our equipment has a unique air circulation system that ensures that delicate items are not affected and that excessive dehydration is avoided.

Are you interested on our pizza line equipment? Just contact us, for more information and get started in this business. Our company will also assist you in the implementation of production equipment in your plant according to your requirements and the working space needed for your business.

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